Candy counselor helps sugar addicts during holidays

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Ah, the holidays. Even the sweets get all dressed up in sprinkles and festive colors.

But you won't find them in David Vanadia's small apartment in Portland's Pearl District.

"It's almost like they're calling out to you and you want to eat them all, to get rid of them," he said.

David's not kidding. He says he loves sugar too much. Like that time he ate a whole batch of raw cookie dough in two days.

"And that's when I thought 'maybe something's not right,'" he said.

It's not about weight. David's a Thai Chi instructor and stays fit. But he said his energy was like a rollercoaster.

So he decided to cut out sugar for a year and started blogging.

"I'm not anti-sugar in fact I love sugar, and that's the problem you know? I love it a little bit too much," he said.

It turns out he's not alone. His followers use the Stop Being Sweet website like a personal journal.

Think you have a sugar problem? We asked David for some tricks that work.

First, don't go cold turkey. David says it's not necessary.

"So there are some foods I just don't eat at all and other foods that are on the borderline. You might eat them, most of the times you don't."

Got a holiday party coming up? Bring your own dessert, David says.

"With enough to share with everybody but keep it low in sugar, so you either made it or purchased it yourself you know what's in it," he said.

One more thing to try - avoid activities that make you think about eating sweets. David works in an office with no chair, for example.

"And I found if I was standing at the computer I was less likely to snack. I felt better, and I got more done," he said.