Charges dropped against Hillsboro chiropractor arrested for sex abuse


HILLSBORO, Ore. -- The Washington County district attorney's office will not pursue charges against a Hillsboro chiropractor accused of sex abuse in October 2012, according to the Hillsboro Police Department.

The district attorney has dropped the charges against Brock Kunz, said police spokesman Mike Rouches, who did not have the exact reason why the charges were dropped but said it was likely because it was a he-said-she-said case with no witnesses.

One of Brock's patients at the Woodstock Chiropractic's Hillsboro clinic accused him of rubbing her buttocks with one hand while touching himself with the other one.

The DA's office conducted a review of the charges and concluded that it couldn't be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime was committed, said Will Stabler, deputy district attorney. Essentially, there wasn't enough evidence.

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HILLSBORO, Ore. -- Leaving the Washington County Jail Thursday evening, chiropractic doctor Brock Kunz ignored our camera and questions.

Kunz faces one count of third degree sex abuse for an alleged incident inside Woodstock Chiropractic's Hillsboro clinic in October of 2012.

Kunz's alleged victim agreed to talk with us, if we didn't identify her.

The woman said she was scared during the incident.

"Yes, I'm very scared, and nervous," she said. "My mind has, you know, a lot of questions, what is he doing?"

The alleged victim says Kunz never adjusted her back that day.

Speaking in Spanish translated by her daughter, the victim said "she heard the zipper of the pants as he was pulling them down. While he pulled the zipper, he coughed."

She says Kunz rubbed her buttocks with one hand, while touching himself with the other.

When Kunz saw her turning around to see what he was doing, she says he pushed down on her neck.

The victim says she complained to the clinic owner. When they did nothing, she went to Hillsboro police.

She says the officer she saw that day laughed at her, and never filed a report.

A Beaverton anti-abuse advocacy group convinced her to go back to police, who then started an investigation.

Hillsboro police arranged for Doctor Kunz to take a lie detector test. Kunz never showed up. That's when police told Kunz he had to turn himself in to face criminal charges

The attorney for Woodstock Chiropractic Clinic released a statement on the company's behalf Thursday night.

The statement said the incident "was voluntarily self-reported to the authorities by Woodstock and Dr. Kunz at or around the time it was first brought to their attention."

It adds the clinic thought the ".investigation concluded several months ago, apparently having found no evidence of wrongdoing."