Cheerleaders' skirts OK at games, but not in the classroom

HILLSBORO, Ore. - The Hillsboro School District is now banning the cheerleading squad from wearing their uniforms at school and some parents aren't happy.

According to the school dress code, you should be able to put your arms down and have your hands at the hem of the skirt - no shorter, not even an inch or two.

So when the cheerleaders came to Glencoe High School with this year's skirts, teachers and staff brought concerns to the administration.

When it's game time, the cheerleaders are allowed to wear their uniforms, but in class those skirts are now considered too short.

"My frustration is a lack of communication," said Jeff Bryant who, like other parents, said they still haven't gotten an explanation from the district. And after spending hundreds on the uniforms, they don't like the new restrictions.

"They're in front of thousands of people tonight in the same uniforms, but they can't wear them to school. Why?" Bryant asked. "Why change now? What happened from last year? What happened in a week? I don't understand."

Hillsboro School District spokeswoman Beth Graser said it's not a statement really about the uniforms, but it's about the dress code for class.

"When it comes down to it, we're there for educating kids," she said. "There are certain rules and regulations that we put in place to try and make the education environment conducive to learning and a dress code is one of those."

The head cheerleading coach said she now understands. In an email, she wrote "The girls have accepted it." And "we want to be known and recognized as athletes, not girls complaining about not wearing skirts."

Some parents agree.

"For the safety of not only the girls - but to set an example for the other students," said parent Carol Minix. "It's up to the school. Whatever the school decides, I'm not going to fight against the school. If the school says it's appropriate, I will stand by their decision."

According to the district, this year's skirts were the college version. The high school skirts are a couple inches longer.

The coach said it's all the same catalog, and they knew what they were ordering.

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