Chickenless scrambled eggs making a sizzle

PORTLAND, Ore. -- What came first, the chicken or the egg? Or the plant?

You'll soon have another option in the grocery store next to the egg cartons. San Francisco company Hampton Creek Foods just created the world's first plant-based egg, or, chickenless egg.

We wanted to know how Beyond Eggs measures up to the Incredible Edible Egg. It's called Beyond Eggs, and Hampton Creek Foods says it can "outperform" mother nature -- or, mother hen.

"We have a biochemistry team which screen hundreds of plants a week from all over the world," said communications director Morgan Oliveira. "They've identified one plant that is able to coagulate just like an egg does when you're scrambling it up in the fry pan."

Honestly? It tasted pretty good.

To those who say, 'that's not real, that's not natural!' Oliveira replies, "plants are nature! Chickens eat plants, we're just taking the animal out of the equation".

She won't say what the super secret plant is until it hits store shelves, but she promises this is no Franken-food. It's all natural.

So, they seem to have pulled off the chickenless egg. But why? Oliveira points to conditions in many egg-producing facilities, with chickens crammed in tight spaces. And she says Beyond Eggs is better for you with no cholesterol and more protein than an egg.

Don't tell this company "dont put all your eggs in one basket". It's already created mayonnaise, and cookie dough no chickens required.

The company already sells the mayonnaise at Whole Foods. The cookie dough and scrambled egg product will be out this summer.

Bill Gates named Hampton Creek Foods one of three companies shaping the future of food. And the egg industry may be getting nervous. The online publication "Buzzfeed" says The Incredible Edible Egg campaign is running Google ads against search terms matching Hampton Creek Foods and their products.