Coming soon: The world's slowest start

The short version is, my feet are tilted at a weird angle. That means my outer calf muscle overcompensates and cramps up really quickly.

Peroneal muscle cramping, he called it.

So, for the time being I'm supposed to slow to a walk as soon as there's any tightness, then resume running once it subsides. No plowing through the pain for now, which seems like it kind of defeats the purpose of distance running.

He's also got me on a prescription anti-inflammatory for the next month, at the end of which I might have to get fit for custom orthotics.

Anyway, I'm going to finally get going this weekend, just very, very slowly.

Pretty exciting post, right? They can only get better from here, but this is part of the process.

How about you? I imagine just about every runner - or athlete of any kind - has had to deal with some kind of annoying physical obstacle. What's yours?

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