Court documents: Slain woman was killed with a sledgehammer

PORTLAND, Ore. - A woman whose body was found wrapped in sheets on her bedroom floor had likely been killed with a sledgehammer, according to court documents.

Jacqueline Bell was found dead Oct. 5 in her home in the 10000 block of Northwest Lee Street, in the Cedar Mill area of Portland. She had died of blunt force trauma.

Among the items seized as evidence was a medium-sized sledgehammer, according to a Probable Cause for Arrest Affidavit. The sledgehammer was found near Bell's body and investigators also discovered a white t-shirt in a hamper that appeared to be spattered in blood.

Police have charged the woman's great grandson, 17-year-old Joda Cain, and 19-year-old Micus Ward, in her murder. Prosecutors allege Cain and Ward killed Bell, stole her car and then hours later led police on a high-speed chase on Interstate 84 in the Columbia River Gorge.

Jacqueline Bell

A pair of gloves was found inside the car and one of them had a woman's Rolex watch in it. Detectives performed a presumptive test for the presence of human blood in the car and got positive results on both the passenger and driver's side.

Each young man has a different story about what happened that day, according to further details in the Probable Cause for Arrest Affidavit.

Cain told detectives that he heard his great grandmother scream, ran to help her and saw Ward kneeling over her with a knife in one hand and a hammer in the other. He said Ward then told him to get in the car and drive them away.

Micus Ward

Ward told detectives that he was sleeping when Cain woke him up and said he had his great grandmother's car and that they should go for a drive. Ward said he never touched any hammers and had never gone into Bell's bedroom.

Ward also told police that Cain had sent him a text message a few days earlier stating that his great grandmother was worth $7 million and he wanted her dead.

Cain pleaded not guilty to the crime on Oct. 16 and Ward entered the same plea the next day. They are each facing two counts of aggravated murder.