Dog disappears, owner told dog found then sold

SALEM, Ore. - It was a lot of work and heartache but in the end but Sasha, a Siberian husky, is back with her owner.

Sasha ran away from her Salem home. But within hours her owner, Christy Weismiller, learned someone who'd found Sasha had said they'd sold her.

"She helped me and my family make it through some tough times," Weismiller said about Sasha. "And I depend on her being around. And she means the world to me."

On Saturday, Weismiller had accidentally left the gate to her yard open. Suddenly, Sasha was gone.

Right away, Weismiller posted a missing pet ad on Craigslist. She also put up posters around the neighborhood and filed a missing pet report with Marion County.

Then "(I) got a phone call from this wonderful guy that said he knows the person who found the dog, and the dog was over at his house," Weismiller said.

That guy was Andrew Rene who'd gotten a call from his mother who had seen the posts about the missing dog on Facebook.

A friend of Rene's dropped the dog off at Rene's house the night it disappeared. He lives just a couple of blocks from Weismiller's home. Rene wanted the friend to return the dog to Weismiller.

"I then proceeded to call my friend, and he's like, 'Well, unfortunately I've sold the dog,'" said Rene. "And at that point I handed the phone to my fiance because I was livid. I couldn't understand why he would do something like that."

KATU posted photos of Sasha on its Facebook and Twitter accounts. The tips started pouring in. One of the tipsters said Sasha was dropped off at their home. On Monday afternoon, Weismiller picked up Sasha. It was a reunion she thought might never happen.

"I want to thank Channel 2 News as well as people on Northwest Pet Classifieds - there were postings on Facebook, Craigslist," she said.

Under Oregon law, you can't claim "finders keepers." Selling something that you probably know belongs to somebody else is illegal.

The man who'd told Rene he'd sold Sasha told police the dog ran away.