Dog helps prevent burglary at Salem home

SALEM, Ore. - Bonnie has a terrific sense of smell, but new friends and burglary suspects smell the same.

Bonnie's owner Dan Strasser said he woke up Saturday morning to the sounds of Bonnie running around his living room.

"I expected to see Bonnie chasing around a raccoon or cat, a critter that had snuck into the house," Strasser said.

Strasser always leaves his back door open so Bonnie can get in and out of the house.

"I was flipping on the lights. As I came about here, I just saw a guy just run," he said.

Strasser grabbed his gun and confronted the suspect, Thomas Lowell, in the garage. He forced Lowell to lie on the ground until police arrived.

Police arrested Lowell and found a knife in the garage. They said they believed Lowell brought it to cut computer cables, not to hurt anyone.