Facebook data: Ducks No. 1 for Northwest fans

EUGENE, Ore. - Oregon football rules the Northwest on Facebook, dominating all other teams in the Top 25 among fans in every county in Oregon and Washington and much of the American West.

Facebook took a look at the AP Top 25 Preseason Rankings heading into the first weekend of college football and mapped out the fandom for all 25 teams across the United States.

Oregon beat out Oregon State in every Oregon county, including the Beaver's home in Benton County and the rural counties traditionally tied to the land-grant university.

Neither Washington nor Washington State were eligible for consideration since the Huskies and Cougars aren't in the Top 25, giving all of the Evergreen State to Oregon.

Fan and location information were tapped August 25, drilling down to the county-by-county level, the social media company said.

Among the findings:

Three teams - UCLA, Northwestern and Oregon State - have no counties in which they were the most-favored team. UCLA is out-fanned in every relevant county by USC; Wisconsin fans dominate over those rooting for Northwestern; and Oregon tops Oregon State

Texas, Florida and Ohio State have more of a national following than other teams on the list

County-by-county: Texas fans dominate in 543 counties across the country, followed by Florida with 423 counties, Ohio State with 376, Nebraska with 324, and Oregon with 233 counties

Most states: Florida fans dominate on a state level with counties in 27 different states. Ohio State and Texas are second and third on the list, with fans in 24 and 23 states, respectively

Illinois has the most diversity among fans, with 10 different teams represented across 102 counties; Missouri is second with nine teams

In 10 states, every single county favors the same team. Fans in five of them root for a team that is local, while the other five support non-local teams:
Alabama (Alabama)
Louisiana (LSU)
Ohio (Ohio State)
Oregon (Oregon)
Wisconsin (Wisconsin)
Delaware (Florida)
Hawaii (Oregon)
New Mexico (Texas)
Rhode Island (Florida)
Washington (Oregon)