Family: Man who allegedly broke into girl's room is living in the past

WILSONVILLE, Ore. - A burglary suspect's family says a mental illness has him living in the past.

Jesse Williams' family thinks his trouble with time is the reason he's accused of breaking into an 11-year-old girl's bedroom while she slept.

Emma Reitz's bedroom is in the same house on Southwest Wilsonville Road that Williams was raised in by his aunt and uncle more than a decade ago.

His aunt, Isabelle Hommel, said Williams reverts back years when he goes off his medication.

Reitz was woken up on Mother's Day by the sound of someone playing below her bunk bed with her sister's toys.

Police said it was Williams, and he had snuck in through her window. When he went to sleep in the small kids sized bed on the ground, Reitz ran to her parent's room.

Her father, Christopher Rothaug, grabbed a knife. He woke Williams up. Williams left without a fight but was asking for his Uncle Bob.

Hommel said he would sneak in and out of the house through the same window he used to sneak into Reitz's room.

"It's Mother's Day, so I'm thinking in his mind he's thinking, 'I'm going to see Aunty Isabelle and Uncle Bob.' So he remembers whatever he reverts to, and he went to the house," Hommel said.

She said they had trouble with Williams sneaking in and out of the house when he was a teenager. At the time, they thought it was just normal teen behavior. But by the time he turned 18 she said he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Hommel said Williams lives in a halfway house in Oregon City. She said she's long been frustrated her nephew doesn't get more care for his schizophrenia.

On Monday, the judge ordered Williams to have his mental health evaluated again.

In court Monday, it was revealed Williams is accused of not doing the things he's supposed to be doing while on probation. That includes failing to meet with the probation office at all. So they put out a warrant for him.

He has a long criminal history for breaking into places and stealing things.

He also has arrests for assault.