FBI introduces app to help find missing children

PORTLAND, Ore. - When you turn your back for just a second and your child disappears, you know how desperate that can make you feel.

The FBI now has an app meant to help you find your missing kid. While 99 times out of 100, if you lose sight of your child, you'll find him safe and sound. But the FBI says its app is for that one time when your kid is gone and you need help.

The app is designed to help you when you're out in a public place with your child - like at the zoo or a Blazer game - it's crowded and suddenly you can't find him. But with the app you've got all his personal information stored at your fingertips.

Your child's picture, name, address, phone number, birthplace, gender, ethnicity, height and weight - everything authorities need to help them find your child can be stored in the app. The information can also be emailed to them.

Portland FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele says when you can't find your child, putting out his vital information is just that - vital.

"It's not just giving it to the FBI or giving it to a local police department," she said. "It's available to get to whomever it needs to get to to find your child as quickly as possible."

According to the FBI, it does not collect any pictures or information that you store with the app. All the information you enter is stored on your phone.

The app is available for iPhone and Android users, and it's free. The FBI says it does help in those crucial first few hours after a child goes missing.

More information on the FBI's Child ID App.