Fierce fight between bald eagles attracts attention in SE Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A neighbor first spotted something strange in a tree off Southeast 55th and Division around 9 o'clock Monday morning.

People started grabbing binoculars and cameras to get a closer look and saw two American bald eagles seemingly in distress, their talons locked together.

But of course this isn't your ordinary bird; this is America's eagle, so word spread like wildfire through social media.

"People are fascinated by the eagles. They are huge and majestic and beautiful," said Kate Carder.

Carder and her husband got an alert from the group Oregon Birders, and drove all the way across town to see if they could help.

"I didn't think it would be that traumatic to me. I'm still shaken to the core, Carder said.

But soon help arrived. A local tree company volunteered the use of their bucket truck, so a team from the Audubon Society could get close enough to help.

Lacy Campbell wore our GoPro camera on her helmet as she approached the eagles.

Turns out they weren't trapped, Campbell says they were in a fierce fight over territory, each refusing to back down and let go.

The fight was so intense they didn't even notice her until she was just a few feet away.

The four-hour battle ended in a draw, just the outcome the crowd was hoping for.

Campbell says both birds appeared injured but she thinks they will be OK.