Food cart that moved out of Beaverton returns... sort of

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A food cart owner who moved his business out of Beaverton because he didn't like the strict regulations on his cart has moved back.

Sort of.

"Pork Chop City BBQ" packed up and moved to southeast Portland two years ago after the city of Beaverton hit it with a couple fines. The food cart would sometimes stay open later than city rules allow.

In Beaverton, carts can only be open seven hours a day, and the 30-foot trailer had to move from its location on "Beaverton Hillsdale Highway" each night. Now it's back on the main thoroughfare. But the business isn't technically in Beaverton. It's just over the city border in unincorporated Washington county.

"Pretty much it allows us to operate 24 hours a day if we want, and it means we can stay here we don't have to move the trailer every night," said worker Troy Herren.

In September, Beaverton city leaders told KATU they were considering relaxing city code for food carts. We checked back in and a city spokesman says it's still in the research phase. Someone's been assigned to study food cart rules in neighboring cities.