Four hotels held up - is there a thief on a robbery road trip?

PORTLAND, Ore. - The crimes started less than two weeks ago and if it is the same gunman, this is a robbery road trip focused on hotels.

Hotels are generally not the best place to rob - there are usually numerous security cameras and not much cash on hand. But that doesn't seem to be stopping it from happening.

Police don't know if the robberies are connected, but the crimes do play like a broken record - they all happened in the middle of the night and the circumstances were very similar. Here's a look at the timeline:

Thursday, Sept. 5 - Portland, Ore.

A man robbed a hotel employee and newspaper delivery driver at the Silver Cloud Inn in Northwest Portland. He entered the hotel with a small box in his hand and told the employee and driver that it was a bomb. He then tied up both people and stole cash from them before fleeing. he was wearing a white hockey mask and all black clothing.

Friday, Sept. 6 - Wilsonville, Ore.

Two women were setting up for breakfast service at a La Quinta Inn when a masked man stormed in and robbed them at gunpoint. The robber tied up the two women, but let one of them loose briefly so she could empty out a cash drawer at the front desk. He also took the womens' purses before fleeing. The man was wearing a black ski mask, long-sleeve shirt and gloves.

Saturday, Sept. 14 - Woodland, Wash.

A robber walked into a Quality Inn and claimed he had a bomb inside a small, black package. He then tied up an employee and then took off with an undisclosed amount of cash. The bandit was wearing a tight-fitting, long-sleeve blue shirt, black slacks and a blue hat with ear flaps pulled down over a white hockey mask.

Sunday, Sept. 15 - Gresham, Ore.

A gunman walked into a Holiday Inn, pointed a gun at a night clerk and demanded money. The robber then tied up the clerk and took off. He was carrying a black bag and told the clerk he had a bomb. The suspect was wearing all black clothing, gloves and a ski mask over his head and face.