Fun, new attractions at the Rose Festival

PORTLAND, Ore. -- A Vancouver teen took the Rose Festival theme to a whole new level this year, turning roses into a snack.

It's just one of the new things you can experience at the fair this weekend.

"Well, of course it's the Rose Festival and you know it's sort of a bizarre food which sort of fits the portland vibe," said Chris Sessions.

Sessions is deep-frying rose petals. The 15 year-old won a Rose Festival grant to open this spot at the fair.

"So we fry them till they have a nice golden brown texture, then we take some caramel fudge or some chocolate maple bacon sauce and we dip the rose petals in them!" he said. "There's a nice little rose aroma afterwards."

He's right. It was actually pretty tasty! Though anything battered and fried then dipped with caramel sauce probably is.

Next we investigated new things to do with the little ones at the fair. For that we went to the expert, the festival's "clown prince" Angel.

"Right now we're in our kids zone, and this is where the kids can come and do arts and crafts, every weekend we're gonna have a different theme. This weekend will be patriotic, and we get to do some cool coloring," said Angel.

And for you nostalgic types: take a journey back in time at the new Rose Festival museum. All sorts of memorabilia like princess dresses going back to the 1920's! So you can take in great moments from Portland's past while you make your own this year.

"Our theme this year is making memories, and it's because there are so darn many of them at the rose festival!" said fair public relations' Rich Jarvis.

The fair also learned the film crew from Food Network's "Carnival Eats" TV show will be there this weekend, focusing on the "deep fried rose petals!"