George, aka 73-year-old Jason Bourne, chases thief through store

CLACKAMAS, Ore. - George Wyble wasn't about to let a thief get away with his wallet.

The 73-year-old may have that suspect thinking twice about trying something like this again.

George and his wife were headed out to pick up a few prescriptions. George took a pit stop in the bathroom, and before he knew it, some guy had his hand in his back pocket.

"So I went into the men's room to take care of business, and all of a sudden I felt something in my back pocket - like a little two-finger push on the tush," George said.

George went after him - from one end of Fred Meyer to the other. No triple bypass was going to slow him down.

And as he was hauling it through the home and garden department: "I grab a flower pot to throw at him."

George compared the chase to a scene out of the movie "Bourne Identity" - he of course, was Jason Bourne.

"He's running through this market and the Russians are coming after him and he grabs a bottle of vodka ... I was zeroed in on him. Dialed in."

The suspect was no Russian but on paper the 18-year-old, 6 foot guy he was going after might as well have been. Once the suspect got to the fence on the other side of home and garden, George knew he was going to get away. But that doesn't change what George would do if it happened again.

"Well, like I said, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer - just a reaction - that fight or flee, which is in all of us. And I wanted to fight even though I would've lost the battle."

George said the store has a picture of the thief from surveillance cameras. There was no word Friday whether Fred Meyer or the sheriff's office has it.

George just hopes this experience gives that thief a second thought before trying to pick on someone again.

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