Glowing sculptures light up NW Portland street

PORTLAND, Ore. - Have you seen the glowing sculptures in Northwest Portland?

The four 17-foot-tall sculptures can be found on Northwest Davis Street between 4th and 8th avenues.

So what are they?

Artist Dan Corson of Seattle entitled them "Nepenthes." They are named after a magical Greek potion that eliminates sorrow and suffering. The photo-voltaic sculptures are made of translucent fiberglass with LEDs wrapping around a steel spine. A solar panel on top energizes the batteries.

"While they were botanically inspired, I think the intriguing forms, colorful and curvaceous shapes allow people to bring their own story to them," said Corson in a news release. "It is exciting to see them all come on after dark. They really add some excitement to the neighborhood."

The sculptures are part of the Portland Mall Project in the Old Town/China Town areas and the Pearl District.