Grenade found in Goodwill donations bin

HILLSBORO, Ore. - Someone donated an old hand grenade to a Goodwill store in Hillsboro on Saturday, police said.

The Portland Police bomb squad responded to the Goodwill warehouse near Southwest 234th Avenue and the Tualatin Valley Highway after someone found the grenade in the donations bin Saturday morning.

Police believe someone mistakenly donated the grenade.

Hillsboro police Lt. Mike Rouches told KATU the grenade still had a pin in it, but "there was no means for it to explode. It was empty inside."

Rouches said a member of the bomb squad told him that the device looked like a very old British hand grenade.

The warehouse portion of the Goodwill was evacuated, but the store remained open.

"People shouldn't leave stuff like that for Goodwill," said Rouches.