Grieving over deaths, family then deals with fake donation site

An 8-year-old boy, injured in a head-on crash a week ago, died this weekend. His father died in the crash. And the boy's mother passed away within the last month.

Noah Waite-Brown's aunt was still too upset Monday to talk and was still very emotional about what her family is going through. But to add to their distress, a fake donation site was set up.

Noah was taken off coma-inducing medicine last week. Then the family found a Facebook page asking for donations to help. It told people to send money to Bob's Sporting Goods in Longview. The problem was Bob didn't know anything about it until police told him.

The family didn't set up the page either. Two young girls did. Police declined to disclose their ages.

But Longview police did catch up to them. The girls apologized, saying they didn't realize how much it would hurt everyone. It is still unclear why they did it.

Danny Labiche has boys of his own and is hoping the community can come together for the family.

"First off, I just pray for the family. That's the first thought that came into my mind - to pray for peace for that family and to have the strength to get through that hardship," he said.

He said the girls who set up the fake page should be disciplined.

"Maybe take away the privileges of the Internet for quite some time," he said. "Kids have so many freedoms today. To me, it just starts at home."

The Facebook page has been taken down.

Noah's half-brother was in the crash too. He survived. Noah's 6-year-old half-sister wasn't in the car.

Oregon State Police say Noah's dad, Lucas Brown, had crossed over the center line of Highway 30 going around a curve.