Hundreds of crosses erected in Sherwood to protest abortion

SHERWOOD, Ore. -- More than 500 white-painted wood crosses stand in an empty lot near the intersection of Langer Farms Parkway and Southwest Tualatin-Sherwood Road to protest abortion.

St. Francis Catholic Church, along with the Knights of Columbus, erected the crosses along with a sign that reads "54 million people were not given the opportunity to choose their own path. ... Each cross represents over 106,000 lives lost."

Steve Holthouse, a Knights of Columbus and parish member, helped organize the display.

"You feel like you're walking through a cemetery because, in a way, that's what this is. This is out of respect for the millions of lives that are represented by all of these crosses," he said.

Holthouse also said he's been surprised by the lack of controversy this has drawn.

"I personally am (surprised). Maybe I'm cynical. Maybe I should think about my cynicism and have some faith in people," he told KATU News.

The crosses will come down at the end of the January.

The land is private property and the display was erected with the permission of the property owner.