'I woke up and I had a bullet in my chest'

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A 14-year-old Vancouver boy who was shot during a gang shooting early Saturday morning is out of the hospital.

Jordan Miller was asleep on the floor of his father's Southeast Portland apartment when he was shot in the chest. The bullet when through a window, hit a chair, and then hit Miller.

"I woke up and I had a bullet in my chest," said Miler.

Miller spoke with KATU on Monday from his mother's home in Vancouver. He said he's no longer taking any medicine for the pain.

Portland police said Miller's father lives below the apartment of a gang associate. Miller was visiting his father and brother Friday night. The shooting happened early Saturday morning.

"When my dad turned the light on, I looked at him. I go 'I think I got shot,'" said Miller. "I pulled the collar of my shirt down. There was a black hole in my chest with blood coming down. (The bullet) stuck between a major artery and some nerves that make my arm work. If they dig around trying to get the bullet out, it could immobilize my arm."

Miller said he first thought his dad had rolled over onto his arm and broken it.

Police do not have any suspect information.

"It was really painful, but it didn't hit anything important," said Miller. "Until it moves on its own or it just builds scar tissue around there, I'm just gonna have a bullet in my arm."

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