Lacamas and Round lakes re-open

The Lacamas and Round lakes in Camas are open again to the public and pets.

According to Clark County, testing has determined that cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) toxin levels in Lacamas and Round lakes are far below the hazardous levels for contact with water.

As a result, Clark County Public Health, Vancouver-Clark Parks and Recreation, and City of Camas Parks & Recreation today lifted an earlier advisory for people and pets to avoid swimming in the adjoining lakes.

The lakes were closed Sept. 17 after after health officials learned a young Labrador retriever swam in Round Lake and later became ill and died.

Health officials do not yet know if the dog died from cyanobacteria toxin or another cause, but cyanobacteria toxin appears to be the likely cause.

Cyanobacteria toxin (algae blooms) can spike and fall quickly, even within a day, depending on the weather. State officials continue to study cyanobacteria blooms to learn more about how the bacteria functions.