Last lap soon for iconic Beaverton raceway

BEAVERTON, Ore. - A Beaverton business will lose its lease at the end of April and soon go-carts will be replaced with used cars.

Malibu Raceway has been in business for the past three decades on Southwest Cascade Avenue across the highway from Washington Square.

The business is tucked between boring overpasses and strip malls, and after 30 years, the mom and pop shop is out and the national used car chain Carmax is in.

Malibu Raceway first opened in 1979, and the track is such an icon in Beaverton, KATU covered its 30th anniversary party in 2009.

It wasn't known then but Malibu's fate had already been sealed.

A year earlier the landlord signed an agreement to replace go-carts with used cars.

Erin McRae, a mom of two boys, and another mom, Geri Ingalls, brought their kids to Malibu for birthday parties and batting practice.

"It's sad, because they're great people. It's a great place; it's a safe place," said McRae.

"That's where my son, who just turned 16, learned to drive," said Ingalls.

The place has sentimental value for her and her kids.

"We went there when our boys were five for the first birthday parties," Ingalls said.

Malibu's owner declined an interview and the landlord didn't return a phone call.

Carmax pointed out when it signed the lease five years ago it found the property because the landlord had put it on the market. So if it wasn't Carmax, it would be something else.

Carmax wouldn't say when it will open. But the raceway closes April 30.

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