Learn about Add 1 Job

KATU is committed to the community and to being On Your Side. So we're proud to bring you our "Add 1 Job" campaign.

We're challenging every business in Oregon and Southwest Washington to add at least one job to their payroll in 2012. Imagine the impact we can have on the local unemployment rate if, together, we put one person at a time back to work.

To prove how much we believe in the idea, we're adding one job here at KATU. We also pledge to announce your company's commitment at We may even produce a news story about your company's decision to join the Add 1 Job movement.

Hand in hand, we can help stimulate our local economy and return a sense of pride and promise to Oregon and Southwest Washington.

While unemployment numbers are improving slightly across the country, here in the Northwest, our recovery has been slower. As your "On Your Side" station, we're committed to helping put people in Oregon and Southwest Washington back to work.

On a recent visit to the WorkSource Oregon office in Tualatin, we heard your stories.

"My unemployment just ran out last month," said Kathleen Brown, who's been unemployed for 2 years.

"The companies that I used to work for are laying off," said Troy Peterson, an unemployed engineer. "A lot of my friends are looking also for the same job."

"Once you get behind on the bills, you get behind on everything else," explained Kristin Love, who's also looking for work.

Nearly 50% of the e-mails to the KATU Problem Solvers start by saying like, "I recently lost my job." That's followed by the ripple effect of job loss:

Difficulty paying mortgage or rent
Home foreclosure
Mounting health bills because of no medical insurance
Problems finding enough money to put food on the table

To put people back to work, we're challenging major corporations, large local companies and small businesses to commit to adding at least one job to their payrolls in the next year.

Here's how you can join us:

Go to KATU Add 1 Job page
Commit to hiring one position by posting your job opening

We may feature your company on KATU News.

Go to KATU Add 1 Job listings page to see new openings
Explore additional job resources on our Add 1 Job page

And we here at KATU are leading by example.

"We're so committed to the Add 1 Job program that right here at KATU, we'll be adding a job to the station in 2012," promised KATU General Manager John Tamerlano.

We think that if we start by adding just one job, business owners in our community will eventually add tens or hundreds more.

"What our viewers hear us say every day is that we're 'on your side,' and we truly believe it as we live it through our 'Problem Solvers', our investigative unit, and all the other charities that we help out throughout the year," said Tamerlano. "This is just one more element to take that next step to reach people in this tough economy."