'Light Forest' illuminates Boston trail

BOSTON - What do you get when you put 10,000 solar-powered LED lights along a trail?

You get a beautiful, magical, enchanting scene.

That's what the folks at Lucy, a company that sells active wear, were going for when they created a 'Lucy Light Forest' along Boston's Charles River Esplanade.

"It is a physical representation of that feeling you get from a great workout - that moment when an everyday thing is transformed into something amazing," the company states.

And get this - the lights actually respond to the movements of people passing by. Watch the video clip to see it in action.

The Lucy Light Forest will be on display in Boston through October 13 and will then go on a national tour in 2014. The company hasn't released a schedule just yet, so we don't yet know if Portland will make the list.

Of course, this is all part of a promotion for the company. It's the type of creative advertising we're seeing more and more of as advertisers try to come up with clever ways to get our attention. Remember Heineken's Departure Roulette?