Longview woman jailed over dangerous pit bull

LONGVIEW, Wash. - Two weeks in jail haven't compelled a Longview woman to turn over the pit bull that bit a young boy.

A Cowlitz County Superior Court judge found Kimberly Marie Vasquez in contempt of court Nov. 12 for hiding the dog that tore a chunk out of the 5-year-old's leg. The judge ordered Vasquez to jail until she surrendered the dog, named Lexi.

The Daily News reports Lexi has been declared dangerous and must be euthanized. Officials also say the dog has not had its rabies vaccination.

The dog attacked the boy in a Longview neighborhood in August 2012 while he was riding his bike. Families who live in the neighborhood said the dog attacks without being provoked.

The massive chunk the dog took out of the boy's right leg looked like a shark bite in the days after it happened. Yet the owners have steadfastly refused to tell Humane Society officers and police where the dog is now.

Officers said Vasquez gave the Humane Society a rabies-shot record after the pit bull bit a man by the name of Robert Parker in the knee in April 2012, but they said it was forged.

A Cowlitz County Humane Society officer said Kimberly Vasquez' name was on those documents along with the forged signature of a local veterinarian.

Vasquez, who has a long criminal record of forgeries and thefts for which she was sentenced to more than two years in prison, said she didn't forge the rabies record. She said someone else did and gave it to her, but she would not say who that was.