Man beaten with skateboard remembers little of attack

PORTLAND, Ore. - There really is no explanation why someone beat 70-year-old Larry Allen.

He was just hosing down the sidewalks at the Portland Outdoor Store at Southwest 3rd Avenue and Oak Street on Monday like he has for 35 years.

His attackers didn't take any money and Allen doesn't know what they were after, but he was hit in the head with a skateboard hard enough to throw him up against the window and fall down unconscious on the sidewalk.

His injuries on his forehead and arm are hard to look at. Allen can't even look in the mirror. He can, however, count the stitches: 15.

"Some of them are fairly deep," he says, home from the hospital Wednesday.

But he can't recount much about what happened.

"I just knew there was a lot of blood," he says.

There has been no love lost between Allen and the young homeless street kids who hung around the store. They left a mess behind sometimes. He knew they weren't too fond of him. But he never felt in any danger before.

But he remembers that day and seeing a man sitting on a skateboard.

"Really scraggly hair, and he had some type of shirt that was unbuttoned," Allen says. "He just kept looking at me."

But he didn't think much of it.

"They were just angry. I was just disturbing their area there with water," he says.

He says he never thought doing that would have led to him getting attacked.

The last thing he remembers is a woman with the group grabbing the hose. Then he woke up, bleeding on the sidewalk.

"Kind of crazy. I don't know why they would do something like that," Allen says. "Just move out of the way and come back. Just let me do my job."

He plans on coming back to work as soon as possible. But it might take a few weeks to heal up, though.

If you know anything about this attack, call Portland police.