Man saves dog in Vancouver apartment fire

VANCOUVER, Wash. --The two had never met before today.

Even though Nate Young and Rocky the dog live just a few doors apart.

An afternoon fire at "The Avenues" apartments in northeast Vancouver brought them together.

Young smelled smoke and went to see if he could help put out what he thought would be a small fire.

"Maybe put some water on it", Young said. "Turns out it was huge. The whole back porch was up in flames."

Young and others went door to door to alert their neighbors.

When no one answered at unit 23, Young went inside.

He yelled, but didn't get an answer.

Except for Rocky's bark.

He grabbed Rocky and went out the bedroom window to safety.

"The smoke was so thick I couldn't see, I could barely breathe," Young said.

The fire went from the bottom floor unit to the top floor and spread to one more unit.

Firefighters arrived in just two minutes and kept the flames from getting into the 12-unit building's attic.

"When it gets in there, that's when it spreads fast. The whole building can go," said Vancouver fire Capt. Scott Willis.

Firefighters rescued one cat from the upstairs unit.

Another was missing.

Heat from the fire did melt siding on duplexes next to the apartment complex.

No residents or firefighters were hurt and investigators are still looking for the cause.

And Rocky is back with his owner.

Although Nate Young was ready to take care of Rocky as long as he could.

"Sure, I'd take him home. You should do what you can do, take care of the things you love, at least try to anyway," Young said.