Man's teeth knocked out after teens throw traffic cone

PORTLAND, Ore. - Andy Sweeney was riding his bike Saturday night when he was randomly attacked by three teenagers who threw an orange traffic cone at him.

It hit him in the face and chipped two of his front teeth.

The incident happened at about 11 p.m. on Northeast Fargo and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

"(I) thought that maybe they'd thrown a brick or something, because the impact of it was so hard," Sweeney said. "I immediately got up and like touched my face and had a little bit of blood. And then I then I noticed two of my teeth were gone."

Sweeney posted the above photo on Portland's Reddit. He's from the Midwest and new to Portland. He hoped the photo would get people to tell him about safer routes for riding his bike.

Someone saw it, set up a site on "Go Fund" and started gathering donations to help Sweeney fix his teeth permanently. Right now he can only afford temporary caps that will only last a couple weeks.

Sweeney's surprised how people he doesn't even now are helping him out.

"The community is amazing here," he said. "Nothing like this has ever happened to me, and I've never even really heard of things happening like this where I'm from. But it's incredible."

By 11 p.m. the donation site had reached its goal of $1,000.