Milwaukie residents report more hate symbols in neighborhood

MILWAUKIE, Ore. - A swastika, a racial slur and a burning cross are just some of the disturbing and hateful messages vandals are leaving on cars in one neighborhood.

Several neighbors contacted KATU after it first reported on Wednesday that the Stewart family had found a swastika spray painted on their minivan. It was painted backwards, but the family believes the intention was hateful.

They are worried they were targeted for being an interracial family. But they may not be the only ones.

Bridget Downey saw KATU's story and said she saw the same white paint and another hateful message on a van across the street owned by another interracial couple.

"I saw the 'KKK' in white letters on the window," she said. "And right next to it (was) a cross burning with flames drawn out of the same white stuff."

Down the street it happened again. Jean Hererra said the words were "pretty graphic."

She spotted three cars with hateful messages on the window, including a pickup with what she said looked like a swastika.

Kevin Meier said someone painted a backward swastika with a circle around it on one of the windows of his truck. Then on another window someone painted the N-word followed by the word "hater."

"I'm hoping that it quits," Meier said. "Hope it is just shock value. And that it's not something raised inside them. Because this neighborhood won't stand for that."

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office doesn't know who is behind the vandalism. It knows of several white supremacist groups in the area but says those groups haven't acted out like this recently.

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