Moto, metal, art and music merge at 'The One' motorcycle show

PORTLAND, Ore. - Portland-area motorcycle enthusiasts converged on a converted Northeast Portland warehouse this past weekend to take in a unique mixture of motorcycles, art, music and people watching at The One Motorcycle Show.

The show, located at the Portland location of Sandbox Studio, a former forklift plant, featured a mixture of bikes ranging from high-tech creations to spotless restorations to dusty relics that looked like they were just pulled from decades of exposure in someone's barn.

In between were numerous personally customized two-wheeled creations, choppers, minibikes, powerful race bikes, well-worn vintage bikes that were still seeing daily service and no shortage of interesting local characters.

Show goers also took in a display of custom-painted helmets, motorcycle-related artwork and on Saturday night, live music.

The show was presented by See See Motorcycles of Portland.