Neighbors fed up with crumbling road want city to take action

PORTLAND, Ore. - It's impossible to miss the potholes along Northeast 157th Avenue.

And neighbors in the area have grown so frustrated by the lack of help from the city that they've started using their own shovels and dirt to fill them in.

But that's just a temporary fix and cars can only go a few miles an hour. Many people are worried what could happen when they need emergency crews to race down the street.

Shelly Dobson drives the stretch from Burnside to Gleason every day.

"It's hard on everybody's vehicle. Not everyone has a big old truck," she says while being bounced around in her four-wheel drive while driving on the road.

Her lifted Suburban can clear most of the deep potholes but other neighbors aren't so lucky.

Kristen Humphreys has called the area home for about a year. She says she's reached out to the city for help without any luck.

"Summertime, when it is dusty, people are flying down the road," she says. "We will have our doors open and dust will just come piling in our house. It's disgusting."

She says police have been in her neighborhood several times this week and she sees how slow they have to drive to just navigate the crumbling road. Now she's getting more worried those delays might cause a serious problem one day in getting emergency help to her home.

Police say they know the area well and try to avoid the street if they don't have to drive it.

According to the city, it doesn't have the money to fix all the problem streets. And Northeast 157th Avenue isn't busy enough to make it into the mayor's 100-mile plan.

The bottom line is the city won't say when or if it'll ever fix the street.

We learned about the rocky roads from a news tip. If there's news in your neighborhood, we want to know about it. Email us at