New options on the table for Right 2 Dream Too, but details thin

PORTLAND, Ore. - New ideas about what to do with the homeless camp, Right 2 Dream Too, are being floated between the city and a group of developers that stepped in last week with an offer to help.

The word is spreading through the Pearl District about those new options even though everyone involved isn't offering many details.

A spokeswoman for the mayor's office said Friday that the vote on selecting the parking lot under the Broadway Bridge for the camp might not happen next week as a result. The camp is currently set up on Northwest 4th and Burnside.

There was some support for moving the camp last week at a public hearing. But people from homeowners to business owners and developers told city commissioners that moving it beneath the Broadway Bridge wasn't the right spot.

Some of the developers offered to work with the city and that's happening now. Their attorney says there are several possible new sites on the table. He didn't give specific locations but said they include both lots and buildings.

Those same developers had threatened to sue the city if the move to beneath the Broadway Bridge is allowed.

Some of the properties are privately owned. Some taxpayers say this is a move in the right direction but still have questions.

"Who's going to pay for the use of the privately owned property? Is that going to be taxpayer dollars that lease that space? That doesn't make too much sense either," said concerned taxpayer Jef Faw.

He's glad to see the city finally working with the community, however.

"It would be tied up in litigation for years until they backed away," he said.

The city owns the lot under the Broadway Bridge. It's always been unclear if the camp would pay a rent or if they'd only be responsible for utility bills and insurance.

None of that can be worked out until the property deal is final. Mayor Charlie Hales pushed a vote back on that at the City Council meeting last week. It's set for next week.

But a spokeswoman for the mayor's office said they should find out next week about the new options, and they'll decide about holding the vote for the property then.