No sign of slowing down for 104-year-old Tigard man

TIGARD, Ore. - Curtis Tigard just celebrated his 104th birthday last month.

He just renewed his driver's license.

Tigard's grandfather founded the town of Tigardville in 1852. The 'ville' was eventually dropped.

Tigard started using a cane only a year ago after a bad fall that broke his hip. But he still gets around pretty well.

And on any given day, you'll find Tigard on his porch with a cup of coffee at the home where he proudly lives alone.

His independence at home is impressive, but it doesn't stop there; it continues right into the driver's seat of his car with a license plate that reads,"Tigard."

He's humble about his driving ability as he sings "Ring Around the Rosie."

"Makes me feel I'm very fortunate and lucky," he says.

The only time he's lived away from Tigard was to serve in the U.S. military overseas.

He's outlived two wives, one of whom he married two days after the attack on Pearl Harbor, because he knew he'd be fighting in World War II.

"I said, 'We got to do it now or we might never get it done," he says.

Since his wives passed, he's dated. But at 104 years old, relationships don't always last.

"She went and died on me, too," he says about one of his latest girlfriends.

Is he dating anyone now?

"Am I crazy? Yeah," he says.

It seems to keep him practical about death.

"It's a normal thing, so you just accept it," he says. "I take every day as it comes."

Those days are filled with phone calls from his son in Portland. They call "to see if I'm alive or not," he says.

The days are also filled with trips to the Tualatin Country Club - days he seems to never take for granted.

Tigard says the secret to his longevity is his mother, who lived until she was 105. He also says he stayed active and never got into too much trouble.

He'll be honored on June 19 when he joins the Golden Grads Celebration at Beaverton High School where he graduated in 1926.

His driver's license doesn't expire until 2021.