Notices sent out. But cleaning up nuisance house a chore

PORTLAND, Ore. - Neighbors' complaints about the mess, burning garbage (including diapers) and accusations of theft and drug use at a Southeast Portland home have been going on for years.

The city is working on it, but it may take longer than most to clean up.

The city says it has been sending out notices and will keep doing that, but those notices go to the person listed as the owner, and that person is deceased.

Several people were seen coming and going from the house Wednesday. And from inside, someone told a KATU News reporter they're doing what they can to clean the place up.

The city hauled away a load of garbage last spring and neighbors like Rich Lightfoot and Richard Lohrie say that the place does look much better than it has in the past. But they still have no idea who lives there.

"They cut the power from the transformer up there. PGE cut the power off up there, because they were stealing power," said Lohrie. "And we caught them taking water from Mrs. Wade's house and different places. So now everybody has got their outside water off."

The city's code enforcement manager said right now they're trying to figure out which bank may own the house. The house may be in foreclosure and may be in a reverse mortgage.

Until that mess is cleared up crews will be back to carry away the trash if it gets too bad.

A code enforcement manager told KATU a woman living at the house claims to be the niece of the deceased owner and is making a claim to the property.

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