Ouch - gas prices closing in on record highs

PORTLAND, Ore. - If you're hitting the road in the next few days it might be best to cover your eyes when you stop to fill up. The price on the pump isn't going to be pretty.

Gas prices in the Northwest are surging towards an all-time high as we head into the holiday weekend. In some places, prices are hitting $4.50 a gallon.

Analysts at say prices could go up another $0.25 to $0.35 a gallon by the end of the weekend.

The high prices have some drivers we spoke with on Thursday rethinking their driving plans.

Take Ron Patton and his 35-foot Winnebago.

"I don't go traveling as much. I used to go every summer, take two or three months and go travel. Now I'm not going to do it this year," he said.

The Winnebago gets just 10 miles per gallon, meaning it would cost him around $300 to fill up right now.

That seems cheap compared to Terry Pickering's 40-foot RV.

"If I were to fill up now it would cost about $700 just to fill it up," he said. "It's 150 gallons of diesel."

As of Thursday, Oregon's average price was right around $4.21 a gallon. Washington is slightly higher at $4.24.

Only five states have averages above $4.00 - Oregon, Washington, California, Hawaii and Alaska.

In Oregon, the average price is just $0.08 below the highest ever recorded average. That was $4.29 on the Fourth of July weekend in 2008.