P-Town Eats: 'Culinology' students mix cooking with science

PORTLAND, Ore. -- What's the difference between a science lab coat and a chef's apron?

Not much, if you study "culinology".

College students from around the world met in Portland to show off their skills.

They're both chefs and scientists. Culinology students are skilled in culinary arts, mixology, and gastronomy. Their goals are to make the food we buy at the grocery store safer, and make it taste better.

"They might use natural flavors, to carry cilantro flavor for 60 days. Or, a lime flavor that pops after it's been frozen - well you can't just make it and freeze it you need to apply some science, it'll help it taste better later on," said judge Eric Sparks.

Each of the five teams had to make a frozen dish taste just as good as a fresh version of the same dish.