Parents: School violated students' privacy by deleting cellphone videos

HILLSBORO, Ore. -- These days almost every kid has a smart phone. So it wasn't surprising that several students captured a confrontation between a student and staff member at R A Brown Middle School in Hillsboro Friday morning.

Student Khloey Summers said kids are allowed to use their phones before class and didn't think she was doing anything wrong when she shot video of the incident.

"She grabbed my phone and said I'm going to have to hold onto this for a while," Summers said.

Summers said later that day, staff members collected all the phones from the kids who were in the gym and deleted any videos of the incident.

"When I opened the recent applications after I got my phone back all of my messaging and photos were open, which meant they were on it when they got my phone," said Summers.

Summers said someone even checked her phone to see if she sent the video to anyone else. She said they were about to delete her video when her mother stepped in.

"Clearly I don't feel like my daughter did anything wrong. I feel like her rights were violated by going through her phone and text messages. As a parent that's my job," said Melissa Siegel, Khloey Summers' mother.

The boy in the video was suspended. Police say he was also arrested for disorderly conduct and harassment. His mother, Celia Watt, admits he acted out but now she wants to know why the school deleted these videos.

"Deleting videos after accusing someone, that's just suspicious behavior," Watt said. "For adults to do that, that's suspicious."

KATU reached out to the school district for comment. A spokeswoman said they are reviewing the matter and will have more information in the next few days. They also referred us to the Standards of Student Conduct handbook which allows staff to search and seize any property deemed "injurious or detrimental to the safety and welfare of the students and staff."

Parents who spoke with KATU said they plan to be back at the school on Monday looking for answers.