Police investigating rape of girl, 15, in Portsmouth neighborhood

PORTLAND, Ore. -- The Portland Police Bureau is investigating the reported sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl.

Police say the teenager reported she was assaulted in the Portsmouth neighborhood in North Portland just before 10 p.m. Sunday. Officers located a possible crime scene near the intersection of North Adriatic Avenue and North Esperanza Street. They weren't able to find a suspect.

"She was muddy and had a knot on her head," said one woman who lives in the neighborhood and didn't want to be identified.

She told KATU the 15-year-old was coming over to her house because she's friends with her daughters. Once the girl arrived she explained that she'd been assaulted.

Police have only given a vague description of the suspect. He's said to be a black man of unknown age, wearing a black sweatshirt with a hood.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Chamberlin with the Portland Police Bureau at 503-823-4783.

KATU's Lincoln Graves contributed to this report.