Police investigating report of man touching kids at indoor playground

PORTLAND, Ore. - Police are investigating Playdate PDX, a popular indoor playground, after several parents say a man inappropriately touched their children.

Police say the man is developmentally disabled. He is in his 20s and has Down syndrome. As of Wednesday afternoon, they have not identified him.

He was with a caregiver when he was at PlayDate, but that caregiver wasn't with him when the incident happened.

The incident allegedly happened around 11:45 a.m. Tuesday.

The parent of a 5-year-old girl says the man involved had kissed and touched her daughter.

Employees had talked to the man and the caregiver at the time. Then they left.

The parent involved didn't contact police to file a complaint until 3 p.m. Tuesday.

PlayDate PDX released a statement late Wednesday afternoon. It says in part, "At some point 'playing too rough' became reduced to an allegation of sexual assault. We regret any discomfort experienced by any party involved in this incident."

The statement continues, "PlayDate offers no more security than would normally be found at a public space such as a park or even Disneyland."

Parents with children playing at PlayDate said they have concerns about what allegedly happened.

"There should be a lot of supervision," said Robin Morris. "There's hidden corners and, yeah, absolutely there should be heavy supervision in certain areas."

Said Jon Shults: "It's very big. You can't see the back from the front. There's tunnels and different little rooms you can go in."

The man and his caregiver have been to the indoor playground several times.

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