Portland food cart chain offers tacos for Blazers' McMuffin coupons

PORTLAND, Ore. - A popular food cart chain hopes to take advantage of the latest 100-point food giveaway from the Portland Trail Blazers.

Koi Fusion announced Monday it will give fans a free taco for their unexpired Sausage McMuffin with Egg coupons.

Koi Fusion said it is "standing by for all the taco hungry Bball fans who would rather enjoy a taco than scarf a breakfast item."

The coupons will be accepted at any of Koi Fusion's mobile or stationary locations, the company said.

The Trail Blazers in October announced a partnership with McDonald's for the next five seasons to give away coupons for free Sausage McMuffin with Egg sandwiches when the team scores at least 100 points. The breakfast sandwiches replaced the fan-favorite Taco Bell chalupas.

The team encouraged fans to chant "MICK-E-DEES!" as the team approached 100 points, but so far this season many fans continued to chant "CHA-LU-PA!"

Koi Fusion hopes their announcement will spur a new chant in the Moda Center.

"We'll really know we've shaken things up when we hear you chanting at the next high scoring game! 'KOi-TA-COS! KOi-TA-COS!'" the company's news release said.

There will likely be more 100-point games to come at the Moda Center this year. Through 11 games this season, the Trail Blazers are averaging 104.9 points per game.