Portland may get 10 sustainable butcher shops

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland's foodie scene is about to get a carnivorous sustainable jolt.

Bill the Butcher Inc. chain of butcher shops announced Tuesday that it plans to add 10 retail locations in Portland. No word yet on where they will be located.

The Seattle-based chain, which has six locations in its home city, said the expansion will be led by Portland-based financier Erick Paulson, who is also an investor and a creditor of the company.

"I look forward to being a part of Bill the Butcher, and bringing it to my hometown gives me a special sense of pride," Paulson said in a statement.

Erick Paulson is the managing member of E. Paulson Co. and works at Paulson Investment Company. He was recently co-chairman of the National Investment Banking Association.

Founded in 2009, Bill the Butcher describes itself as a "meat activist and retailer on a mission to support sustainable farmers and ranchers." The company's products are free of hormones, antibiotics, steroids and animal by-products.

Three years ago, Bill the Butcher had dramatic expansion plans, including a goal of 120 stores west of the Mississippi River.

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