Roofer gets nabbed after he returns to the scene of ... his work?

PORTLAND, Ore. - A business owner with a checkered criminal past was arrested Monday with the help of a homeowner, and former customer, with a gun.

Robert Swain, known for his TV commercials for Robert's Roofing Service in Gresham, was arrested near Northeast 87th and Sumner after neighbors said he broke into one home and then tried to get into George Macgillis' home. But when Macgillis' flashed a gun, Swain ran off.

Macgillis had met Swain before when Swain had worked on Macgillis' roof.

Neighbors told police Swain appeared drunk and high when it all went down.

When police found Swain he was sweaty and talking very fast. Police were concerned about his health and had him taken to the hospital. He was later taken to the Multnomah County Jail.

Local homeowners have contacted KATU News about the shoddy work they say Swain did to their homes.

But unlike other homeowners, Macgillis was a satisfied customer.

"I didn't have any problem with the work that he did. He did a great job," Macgillis said. "Everything he did was good."

Macgillis said his front door was unlocked Monday afternoon when Swain came in and made his way through the house.

"It looked like he'd been through hell. He was dirty. He stunk of alcohol," Macgillis said.

Swain finally told Macgillis the police were looking for him. So Macgillis calmly took matters into his own hands. He took out his .40-caliber Glock handgun from his gun safe.

"I just wanted him to stay right here while I called 9-1-1," Macgillis said.

But Swain took off and Macgillis chased him out of his yard, he said. Swain jumped over Macgillis' front fence and kept running until police found him a few blocks away.

Macgillis watched the arrest. He said Swain wouldn't surrender.

"They finally had to tackle him and take him down," he said.

Macgillis didn't initially recognize Swain.

"It didn't click until the police officer told me who he was," Macgillis said. "I did not recognize him at all. He looked that bad."

Police said they also got reports from other neighbors about a man hiding in bushes and running through yards.

Swain was wanted by police on five felony arrests. He didn't appear in a Clackamas County court last month to face drug and gun charges. He was arrested on felony possession and distribution of marijuana and cocaine.

Swain's trouble with police goes back to 1984.

His criminal history shows arrests for attempting to evade police, drug possession, driving under the influence and a list of traffic violations. He's done probation and some time.