Second store employee attacked, police look for connection

PORTLAND, Ore. - While police released a sketch of the man suspected of attacking a 70-year-old man outside a downtown Portland store where he worked, they are now investigating the possibility of a connection to an attack on another employee.

Miguel Figueroa was attacked after midnight at his apartment a few blocks from the Portland Outdoor Store at Southwest 3rd Avenue and Oak Street where Larry Allen was beaten unconscious with a skateboard Monday while he was washing down the sidewalk outside the store.

Figueroa said three men in their 20s and wearing hoodies jumped him as he went to dump his garbage. He said two beat him, leaving him with scratches and bruises as the third person yelled out.

"He basically said, 'That's the guy from the Portland Outdoor Store, and we're doing this for our friend,'" Figueroa said, adding he's still in shock and mad about the attack.

He said the men stole his wallet that had $20 or $30 in it and his identification but no credit cards.

The store's owner, Brad Popick, said problems with people living on the street have been increasing this year. And he believes a loose-knit group of street people is targeting his store and staff.

No one's been arrested yet in connection with either attack.

Police moved their mobile command center to a street nearby and have also increased patrols around the store for now. They said moving the mobile precinct into various parts of the city has been effective in dealing with local problems.

Figueroa said he grew up in the Bronx and while the neighborhood was rough, he never had anything like this happen to him, especially so close to home.

Allen is still recovering.