Should TriMet pay the full repair bill for damaging this guy's side mirror?

PORTLAND, Ore. - A local man wants TriMet to pay up after he says it was one of their buses that damaged a mirror on his vehicle.

The incident happened three weeks ago while Vincent Vavrosky was on Highway 26 commuting home to Milwaukie. He decided to detour through downtown Portland and that's when Vavrosky said a TriMet bus cut a curve too tightly at Southwest 13th and Market and hit his mirror.

"Next thing I know, the vehicle starts shaking around," he said.

Vavrosky said the bus kept going and he had to chase it down for several blocks. He took pictures showing a black streak of paint down the side of the bus. The damage to his mirror was only about the size of a nickel, but an estimate for repair came in at over $500. And since Vavrosky has a $500 insurance deductible, that means it'll have to come out of his pocket.

TriMet would not go on camera but did send the following response Friday afternoon:

"...more information came to light and it was determined that TriMet was partially at fault. Based on the modest amount of damage and the seven-year age of the vehicle, TriMet's claims department made a reasonable determination and offered an appearance allowance of $250."

That doesn't make Vavrosky happy, though, especially considering this is the third time someone has tagged his rig.

"I'm getting tired of it," he said. "This time I actually finally caught the person that damaged my vehicle. I want them to fix the damage."

We asked TriMet how much they have paid out recently for property damage claims and was told it was around $1 million last year. However, you have to keep in mind that figure could include incidents that happened in other years, but were settled last year.