'Someone ... lit off fireworks and totally just scared her to death'

BATTLE GROUND, Wash. - A teen is searching for answers about a cruel prank someone played on one of her 4-H sheep that caused it to die.

Maddie Moore Thompson's dad discovered the dead animal in its pen just after 6 a.m. Friday when they went to feed their animals. Then he had to break the news to his daughter.

"He came up to me and he took the buckets away from me, from the feed, and he said, 'Rocket Chocolate is gone,'" Maddie said.

Those words didn't sink in quickly for the 15-year-old. She had to see her lamb that looked like her other one to believe it.

"All I remember is laying down next to her trying to get her to wake up or breathe or something," Maddie said.

But deep down she knew there was nothing she could do.

"There was blood coming out of her nose. She was all bloated up. It was bad," she said. "She had broken her neck. We know that because when we moved her, her neck kind of just flopped."

Maddie said Chocolate died after ramming her head into the fence around her pen. Bent metal is the proof, though, Maddie didn't understand why until she said her friend discovered something shocking.

"Someone had come into our area where it was all locked up and lit off fireworks and totally just scared her to death," she said.

Now Maddie has a message for the person who did it.

"How would you like it if I just came in and killed one of your cats or dogs or something that you spent two hundred and fifty plus dollars on?"

Maddie raises sheep for the fair. She said they're also part of the family, which makes Chocolate's death even harder.

Maddie said police told her to call animal control about Chocolate. She said animal control told her family it couldn't do anything about it because Chocolate wasn't a domestic animal.