Streets, foundations damaged in Sherwood quake

SHERWOOD, Ore. -- Natalie Bay took us on a tour of her neighborhood Monday. The featured stops along the way were brand new additions to her street - cracks caused by a small earthquake Sunday.

"We have airplanes that go around here so with all the airplane news I thought an airplane crashed near us. Or I thought maybe we were bombed or something. It was pretty loud," Bay said.

Then she checked KATU's Facebook page, saw its post, and realized what she felt was a 3.3 magnitude earthquake centered right underneath her town.

At first she thought it was just the street that was damaged, but then she decided to check on her home's foundation.

Bay never expected to be dealing with an earthquake in Sherwood, but she's going to take this as a wake-up call to be better prepared.

That's exactly what Willie Bence of the Red Cross likes to hear. He urges everyone to gather the supplies they'll need if the big one hits.

An emergency radio, canned food, and medical supplies are a good start, but be sure to put them all in one central location.

"You can stay in your house and live out of this pack for a little while, but this is also portable," Bence said about an emergency supply kit the size of a duffle bag. "You can pick it up and take it with you if you need to leave to go stay at a relative's or a friend's outside the area. It's a nice grab-n-go and also a nice shelter-in-place pack," Bence said.

Portland State University geology professor Scott Burns said the quake uncovered a previously unknown fault. The good news is he thinks the quake relieved all the pressure on the fault so he doesn't expect any other major quakes in the area anytime soon.