Tables turn on mom who complained daughter was stripping

SALEM, Ore. - A mother who complained to the state and police that her underage daughter was being allowed to strip at a local club has now been arrested herself.

Christina Marie Lopez, 42, has been charged with sexual exploitation of a minor (use of a child in a display of sexually explicit behavior) after police say they spotted her on the club's surveillance video during their investigation.

Lt. Steve Birr with the Salem Police Department said Lopez watched her daughter dance at the club and gave her money.

This all started back in December when Lopez told authorities she believed her 17-year-old daughter was stripping at a local club. She said her daughter had come home drunk and she had found tall, platform shoes in the girl's backpack.

Lopez and her daughter did an interview with KATU News at the time, where Lopez told us she was disgusted by the incident and the strip club.

Christina Lopez during a December interview with KATU News

"It makes me sick," Lopez said at the time. "Makes me really sick thinking, you know, she's 17, but to me she still's got a little kid's body."

Surveillance video from the club showed that the underage girl had, indeed, stripped there and the teen admitted she had done it. Obviously the issue was whether a club was allowing a minor to strip.

The girl's mother was demanding answers, but now police say she knew exactly what her daughter was doing.

They say during their investigation, they saw Lopez on the club's surveillance video at the same time that her daughter was there.

"Certainly when you have a parent that knowingly watches their underage daughter dancing on stage and fails to take action, that's very disturbing," Birr said.

Lopez was taken into custody Friday at her home in Salem. Meanwhile, authorities are still investigating the case.

The club, Presley's Playhouse Cabaret, is facing about a $6,500 fine for hiring a minor as a stripper but is not facing any citations for serving her alcohol.

The club's owner told KATU she felt the mother and daughter were setting her up for a lawsuit. She said she willingly provided surveillance video to police.

KATU reporter Anna Canzano contributed to this report