Teacher takes quick action, saves boy, 6, from choking

BATTLE GROUND, Wash. - A kindergarten teacher's instincts saved her student's life when he started choking on a snack in the classroom.

Toni Brammer gives all the kindergarteners at Captain Strong Elementary Primary School those Tree Top fruit snacks. They're pretty small and soft, but 6-year-old Hunter Schofield swallowed one the wrong way and Brammer quickly took action.

"His face was extremely red, and he was holding onto his throat, and he appeared to be trying to make some sounds," Brammer said.

She performed the Heimlich maneuver on Hunter within seconds.

"Out popped the fruit snack - a whole fruit snack on the ground," Brammer said. "It happened so quickly. Your instincts just kind of kick in."

Hunter's mother, Jennifer, needed some way to express her gratitude so she helped her son find just the right present for his teacher - a small ornament in the shape of an angel.

"I really do believe that she's Hunter's guardian angel for being there," Jennifer said.

Hunter is doing fine; in fact, he's ready for another fruit snack.

"Well, they were good," he said with a big smile.

Brammer doesn't have much special training. She took a CPR class a few years ago. In her 10 years of teaching she said she's never dealt with something like this.