'Thank you, Mr. Garbage man. May God bless you'


SHERWOOD, Ore. -- Since KATU's Emily Sinovic first introduced you to Jeremy Fischer, the guy who never asked for any attention, he's gotten quite a bit of it. The garbage man who took the time to fold an American flag he found lying in the street, is now getting thanks from around the world.

Emails, Facebook posts, and phone calls continue to stun the humble garbage man who said, "This isn't about me, this is about pride for our flag."

And on Tuesday, Feb. 25, he met, for the first time, the woman whose flag he saved. Watch Emily's update to her original story by clicking here.

Original story:

SHERWOOD, Ore. -- First, you should know, Jeremy Fischer did not want his name in the news. This was not his idea. In fact, he'd prefer to just be "the trash guy" who does his job and does it well. But a proud neighbor couldn't help but share what she saw and get Jeremy a little bit more attention than he'd like.

He's been picking up trash for three years. Then on Wednesday, Jeremy ran across something that didn't sit right with him. He found an American flag, on the street, dirty and wet, blown off a neighbor's flagpole.

Jeremy gets to work at 6 a.m. every day and has just about 1,000 pickups to tackle. When he saw a flag that he could've easily tossed as trash, he instead took time to make sure it was treated with respect.

"There's a lot of sacrifice, a lot of hope, a lot of other stuff that is the American flag. I figured since so many people have died for that, the least I could do was pick it up," Jeremy told KATU reporter Emily Sinovic.

Jeremy did much more than just keep it from getting tossed in the trash. He folded it with military precision, just like he learned as a Boy Scout. But Jeremy wasn't boasting about his kind act. In fact, he'd prefer no one knew his name, let alone be on television. But a neighbor happened to catch a glimpse of Jeremy doing what he didn't think twice about, and it brought her to tears.

Nancy Neet was so moved by what she saw, she posted the following message on the Facebook page for Jeremy's employer, Pride Disposal:

"This is a SHOUT-OUT to the garbage man that worked on 2/18/14, in the Fanno Creek Loop area. I noticed my neighbor's flag had blown off its pole and I was going to get it for her after the rain and wind settled down. I happened to be glancing out my window when the garbage man pull up. He noticed the flag on the ground, and respectfully picked it up, and folded it in a Military fashion and carefully placed it on a post. No one else saw this going on, except me and God, and I shared this story several times yesterday-- it bought smiles to many faces, as well as my neighbor who is very grateful. Thank you, Mr. Garbage Man!!!! May God Bless You!"-Nancy Neet, Facebook post

Watch a demonstration on how to properly fold the American flag

Once Jeremy's bosses heard what he'd done, they made sure to give Jeremy kudos, but it still took some convincing to get this shy, humble guy to talk about it on TV.

"Honestly if I had my way I wouldn't be on TV," Jeremy said.

Watch the update:

Watch a demonstration on how to properly fold an American flag: